Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Living Room Renovation - in progress

aka - More than you ever wanted to know about my living room...

One of the big things that have been keeping us busy is working on our new house. The biggest project we've been...and are still working on is our living room. Here's some before and during pictures. Hopefully someday I'll have some afters to show!

When we moved in the ceiling was a really dark purple-red and the walls were yellow. That dark color above my head was just crushing me! We had to lighten it up. The walls also had some really intense texture plus pretty visible seams that drove my husband crazy, so he decided they needed to come down.

It looks like we just painted everything white in the pictures, but really all the drywall came down and the whole place got new drywall. The exterior wall got a cozy new layer of insulation and we added a ceiling fan and overhead light to the previously dark room.

The ceilings will stay white, but the walls are going to be a nice china blue. Plus the door and windows will get new, freshly stained casings and there will be new baseboards too!

While the walls were open my husband wired in a light for the hallway - it really needed it, it was impossible to set the thermostat before since it was so dark :) Oh, and the living room light and fan are both on dimmers, which I love!

We are still working on a couple of the big things in here - but maybe you'll see after pictures someday!

I'm going to link up for DIY day at A Soft Place to Land

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